The hardest move on

Packing all our stuff and sending it to our hometown. Not an easy decision to make but we have to.

As a mother, I lack of wise characteristic and I cause this situation to my family. Guess I’m still too childish to be a mother.

When I moved to Jakarta 4 years ago,I never thought that I will move back to my hometown. I have made Jakarta as my home. Until now that I have to move, deep in our hearts Jakarta is our home. Everytime I pray to Jesus, I wish that one day I could live in Jakarta once more. 

The very saddening thing I have to face is to move my son from a good school to an okay school in my hometown. If I knew I had to move back one day, I wouldn’t apply to a good school. It is a disappointment to myself.

Nonetheless, I cant keep blaming myself. I have to move on. Guess this is will be the hardest move on because somehow I reluctant to do so. 

In my opinion, life is a roller coasters ride. I still have faith with our life and wish.

Peeps, wish me luck in life okay…


I am not an ordinary woman


It is bloody annoying when people jump to conclusion over my life.

Some of my friends thought that If I were in a childless divorcee, I would be gone mad. They believed that I am strong because of my son. I admit that my son give me the strenght that I need and I have to be strong for him as well. However, I never consider how my divorce life will be without him and I dun want to assume anything as I am happy to have him.

I do have regret but I never regret having a son; thus, I never assume how my divorce life will be without a son and I can’t believe that others judge me by saying that If you didn’t have a son, you would be gone mad.

No matter how weak ppl see me, I know for sure that I am a strong woman. Whether the divorce is childless or not, I realize that I will live my life as happy and strong as I am today. No matter how those ppl know the story of my married life, they never be in my shoes. They never know what and how I feel about my married life. I am glad that I am brave enough to step out from my miserable married life. Thus, it doesnt matter if the divorce is childless or not, I will still live my life as happy and strong as I am today.

Peeps, please stop judging me. Some woman may feel very sorry for herself because she is a divorcee but I am not that woman. I never regret being a divorcee. If being a divorcee give me a better and happier life, why should I feel bitter about the title. Divorce is just a title. It is how you live your life that make ppl assume that divorce makes your life a miserable one. Others may feel sad about being a divorcee but I am NOT AN ORDINARY woman. I am happy that I have the capability to walk out from my miserable married life.

Divorce isnt such a tragedy. A tragedy is staying in an unhappy marriage. -unknown-.

Stop Judging me. My past is my past and I never look behind. I always look forward. I’m living in a blessed and happy life. Thus, please STOP Judging my life.



Had been dating a man for almost 2 years and last week, I decided to end everything. Blocked all his numbers and social media from my mobile. He wanted to meet to clear everything but I personally didnt want to meet him anymore. He tried many ways to meet but failed, until this morning. He waited for me at my usual car park and showed up after I parked my car. Fortunately, I haven’t stepped out from the car. I called my aunty so that she could company and help me out. I didn’t want to meet nor talk to him anymore. He emailed me at last. At first I didn’t want to reply but I reply eventually. I told him that I wanted to end the relationship and I asked him to stop finding a way to meet me. I want to have my happy life back.

His intention to be with me is evil. The love he showed are a lie. He is a hypocrite. I don’t want to be part of his evil life any longer.

I thank God that He has showed me the truth. The man that I defend from my family is actually an evil. How dumb I can be.

I wish he can find what he is looking for from other girls. Best of luck for him.

Sayonara. Thank you for the past 1.5years of our time together. I wish you luck, happy, and success.



Flashing back to romance life, I must admit that I have no luck in meeting a nice and good man. Wishing this year onwards, I could meet nice and good man.

Wish me luck People…

On my own plate

Being a single parent, an employee, and a full time student are kinda hard. Feeling tired, sleepy, and dizzy are something that I have experienced lately. Sometimes, I think that I am unable to handle all those by myself.

School excersize take all my time lately that am feeling that I do not have much time spent with my son. I wish I have more than 24hours a day to do everything and still have time to spend with E. Nevertheless, am still glad that my results are kinda good despite of being restless lately.

Well, I wish I could spend more time with E, bake more homemade wholewheat bread and other sweet that am craving, and have my me-time. Try not to complain too much to myself since this is the path that I choose. There is a regret definitely but I am kind of person who never look back. No point of regretting. Just keep going.

Currently looking forward to Christmas Holiday which I will spend with my family in my hometown.

Industrial Visit to Sari Roti

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On Friday, 18th November 2016, All BSP and ACCA students have to join the industrial visit to Sari Roti Factory at Cikande, Tangerang. I was quite excited to go there as I was expecting that I could see and choose the breads that I wanted to buy. Unfortunetaly, If you didn’t purchase in advance you would not be able to purchase it there and I only got the mini thank you breads that they have provided complimentary. What a shame. I didn’t mind with the price, I just wanted to choose the type of breads that I wanted to purchase. I didn’t want to purchase it blindly.

Sari Roti is one of the most affordable and highly available bread products in most major city in Indonesia. The purpose of the industrial visit was gaining knowledge about Sari Roti’s manangement, marketing, and production process. Every lectures from each subjects that we take this semester have to give us small assignments during the industrial visit. Thus, this essay is about Sari Roti’s marketing and production process.

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The college provide us with bus so that we could depart together to Sari Roti’s Factory at 7:30am. During normal traffic, the journey will take about 1hour – 1.5hours. However, during that day, the traffic was quiet bad so that we arrived at the factory at about 9:30am. Sari Roti hosted the visit quite acceptable eventhough I felt rather dissapointed because the talk had to cut short due to Friday Prayers for the Muslims. They gathered us at a room that fit not more than 50persons. Since there were about 56persons, some of us had to stand. In my opinion, if they could change or move the table to the front, they could put the seat for all of us. I guess they were underprepared to host college students or perhaps, they were never host one before and we were the first one. After the welcome speech and introduction about Sari Roti’s production process, we were devided into three groups to see and hear explanation about Sari Roti. As someone who loves to bake, I was expecting that we could see the production process for certain distance. Yet, we could only see it from level 2 while all the production process are at level 1 and I had to say that I was quite dissapointed with it. During the walk and brief explanation about the production process, we could ask any questions that we thought necessary or just to filled our curiosity. My classmate and I took the opportunity to ask questions from all our mini assignments. We might not get everything that we needed but by asking the staffs about the productions and marketings process during the walk in the aisle, had helped us alot to answer necessary questions. Even after we got back to the room and waited for the other group to return, we continued asking the necessary question and left a few numbers to be asked during question and answer session.


The manufacturing process of Sari Roti is using modern technologies from Japan in its production process to produce high quality breads. The technologies helps the company to produce the breads as the company is minimizing the human contact because when there are too many people working together, there will be alot of bacteries. Bacteries will reduce the quality of the bread. Thus, the human contact is only necessary after the production process is completed and arranges at special crate that will be handed over to warehouse and ready for distribution.

The most innovative technology in Sari Roti’s Factory are:

  • Fermentation Process

During this fermentation process, the existing yeast on the dough will dissolve the carbohydrates content as well as other materials on the wheat flour and turn it into alcohol and several types of acids.  Alcohol and acids will play greater roles toward the final aroma and unique taste of the dough.

The fermentation process will also produce CO2 gas which is trapped inside the dough resulting in the dough expanding several times from the original volume of the dough starter.

The fermentation process takes between 3 to 4 hours in a dedicated room where the temperature and humidity are carefully maintained to allow for a perfect fermentation process. (

  • Baking Process

Baking process will be accomplished in the tunnel oven measuring up to 12 meters.  It takes between 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the types of bread being produced.  The temperature is strictly monitored to allow the baking process to reach perfection.

When the dough is baked to perfection the right color will appear.  Similarly the unique aroma of the bread will be released during this baking process. (

Sari Roti have to choose the right oven because it is a crucial moment. Changes in temperature will change the result and it may cause to failure to meet the requirement standard.

No matter how good the technologies, there are rooms for improvement especially in production efficiency. Since baking process is one of the innovative technology, the company still face some failure because there are about 8% of the breads are below the standard for selling. Thus, in order to reduce or minimize the  percentage of failure breads, the company needs to improve the production efficiency so the number of sold bread will increase to earn more profit.


In the headquater office, the marketing department is divided into brand hunting and field marketing.

  • Brand Hunting

The job of Brand Hunting Manager is to manage, increase, and maintain the reputability of Sari Roti brand.

  • Field Marketing

The head of Field Marketing is called General Manager Field Marketing who will supervise Field Marketing Manager. The job of Field Marketing personnels are to promote the brand of Sari Roti and  search for any events to increase brand awareness among the target market.

In each plant, there is only one Head Marketing Department. The number of each Area Marketing Officer and Marketing Support for each plant are different and the personnels will increase based on the necessity. Currently in Cikande Plant, there are about 3 personnels. Each of the personnels will help the plant in the marketing department to promote and sell the bread at current and new locations to increase their distribution channels and profitability.

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Sari Roti Products are distributed through Modern Market (such as, Carrefour, Hypermart, etc), and Traditional Market (such as, local supermarket, agent, and direct distributor). Beside Modern Market and Traditional Market, Sari Roti promotes the products through TV advertisement, Bilboard in every city in Indonesia, and the Internet.

Off-Air Market

Sari Roti is working together with any schools, universities, and Early Childhood Education Programme. The company is intensely promoting the bread to Early Childhood students as they believe that the children are their target market because once the children like something, they will keep choosing it. In other words, Sari Roti is trying to “brain-wash” the children to choose their brand than the competitors. The children will keep consuming and eventually promoting the breads. Thus, Sari Roti opened Rumah Sari Roti at Kidzania to provide simpe knowledge and instruction on how to bake a bread to children.

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Direct Marketing

Sari Roti work together with chains of retail convenience stores such as Indomaret, Alfamart, etc. The goals is to provide advantages to direct customers. For Examples: From 1 – 15 November, every customers who purchase Sari Roti at Indomaret and/or Alfamart, will get IDR1,000/- discount.

Besides having promotion at the chains of retail convenience stores, Sari Roti also cater direct promotion to traditional market customers. For Examples: This month promotion is for every purchase of Crustless Loaf Bread will get a box of chocolate milk for free.

Online order is currently not available and if there were any order online, it will be handled by the nearest plant.

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The number of competitors has increased; therefore, Sari Roti realize that they need to follow the current development by being more active at Social media. Sari Roti is devepoling their Facebook and Twiter’s account to promote their products through social media. Thus, at this moment, most of the information can be checked from their website at or Although Sari Roti have Digital Media Marketing Manager, currently, Sari Roti is still looking for employees to occupy Digital Media Marketing position. Digital Media Marketing Manager will manage the website and update the information regularly. Once the number of digital medai marketing personnels are enough, they will sign up at Instagram.

In conclusion, Sari Roti is expanding the market to others city in Indoneisa. They have successfully introduced bread products to the Indonesian society. Although bread is not our main food but most of the Indonesians who live in the city have recognize bread as one of the secondary food. If they could improve the choices of the bread and expand their distribution, many of the Indonesians will be able to enjoy healthy, delicious, halal, and high quality breads.

Eventhough Sari Roti is not my favourite brand but it is nice to know that they are easily purchased at any convenience store. Various variety that they offer, I can just grab one to fulfill my craving at the moment.


Sari Roti. 2014. Product. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 25 November 2016].

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MGT 211: Sari Roti Management Concepts

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Production Process of Sari Roti

Sari Roti is a famous Indonesian brand that produce and sells it own delicious bread with many variants of taste and type of breads, from their signature toast bread into other variation likes sandwich, mini buns, and the latest products, dorayaki. The production process of Sari Roti is very active at night time from 7pm – 4am. Organizing the ingredients for making the bread is held at make up room. The first process is called the scalling, it is used to scale down all the ingredients needed for making the bread, the ingredients are simple, bread yeast, milk, eggs, sugar, etc. After the scalling finished, the ingredients would then went to the make up process which includes mixing the ingredients to form a dough and fermenting it for 2 and half hours, after that the dough will be mixed and turn into mixing dough with more ingredients. After the dough is finished, it went into a divider machine which devides the dough into 6 pieces with different sizing from 30 – 60 grm. After the dough are divided, the individual dough will go to a cone shaped machine which will turn the dough into round shape and leave for resting phase for 17 minutes. The next step of the process is called the magic hand, which insert the dough fillings into the buns or breads, magic hands are focused on filling the buns with chocolate fillings and will make the buns look puff. For the other flavours like cheese, pandan, or strawberry jams, the filling are inserted manually. For the plain bread, the process are the same but just without fillings. After this process, the dough will be ready for baking, all the dough will went into a large oven that will bake the breads, the breads will also layered by an oil that will make it more delicious. After the baking sessions the breads will be held in a cooling tower to cools down the breads. After the breads are cooled down, next comes the packaging process, each of the bread types will be packed diffirently. During the packaging process, the workers of Sari Roti will determine which of the bread is broken, out of shaped, and bad looking colour. The broken or ruined bread will be categorized as a rejected bread that will be thrown away; however, the rejected breads will not be thrown away but will be sold into a barn for animals food. After the packaging process is done, each of the bread will go through a metal detector which would determine the size and weights of the bread, if the weights are lower that the desired wegihts that means the filling or the bread size may be ruined in the process, and this breads will be rejected as well. Last but not least, the bread will went through a continuing process that will count the nominal of the bread per packaging, this is usually done for the plain breads. After all the process is done, the bread will be ready for shipping.

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Sari Roti kind of technology is categorized as Mass Production. It is a method of production using automated machine that are programmed to perform the same operations time and time again.

Five ways it contributes to the effectiveness of the organizational process:

  1. By grouping similar function to achieve the organizational’s objective effectively and efficiently.
  2. By sending a survey to the customers to get a feedback and improve accordingly.
  3. Setting up a social media account so that others aware of the brand.
  4. Creating new products to get more customers.
  5. Open new factory at new location so that the distribution process will be faster and getting new customers from new city.

About 70% of the production process are done by machine. The remaining 30% will be done by human for quality control. Human is needed for verification if the breads are up to the company’s standard.

Nippon Indosari was established in Indonesia as a Foreign Investment Company in 1995.It started operating commercially in 1997 by producing and selling bread products that were branded Sari Roti in their sole factory in Cikarang (West Java) (

Shareholders Information



Organization Structure



In addition to the salary, Sari Roti employees will get some benefit like BPJS (Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial) for health and manpower, yearly medical check up for permanent employees, Clinic is available during office hour at each Sari Roti’s Factory for the employees. Everyday each employees will get some breads especially breads that are edible but not up to the company’s standard for selling. 7 days before and after Idul Fitri, the company will issue a IDR100,000/- voucher for the employees to purchase the bread at Alfamart or Indomaret. For middle level managers, they will be provided with office car for them to use.


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