The Greatest Showman

Spending the last night of 2017 by watching the Greatest Showman is a perfect idea.

I am blown away with the awesomeness. My favourite movie of the year.

2017 has not been an easy year for me; however, towards the end of it, it has been okay. Nonetheless, I’m extremely looking forward to 2018.




Just shared my situation with my son. Unexpectedly, he hugged, cried together, and tried to calm me down. Didn’t realize how mature he is.

Still hoping that I can raise a gentleman.

Thank you son for last night. Meant a lot to me.

Missing Jakarta

I miss Jakarta. I wish we were in Jakarta. I know my son miss the city too. We have been calling that city our home for 4years. We are not ready to go back to Medan for good.

I miss living in my condo, walking ard e mall, crossing the road to CP & Soho, driving to Puri Indah Mall, Lippomall Puri, Ikea, and Aeon Mall which located at e ulu place of Tangerang (my very own opinion) or just driving around e city w e help of Waze (my BFF on e road).

I even miss Tunas Muda at Kedoya. Everybody is very helpful from the teachers, OB, & security men. The exerience is very different with the current school. Sadness!!!

Driving in Jakarta is like having a so called mini road trip. You can listen to the radio or songs and having your own concert because you are stuck at e traffic jam. No matter how bad e traffic there, I still prefer to experience in Jakarta to Medan.

I miss PI, GI, PS, Gancit, Sency, and many more. Missing the food. The uncountable choices of cuisine / restaurant to satisfy your tummy or taste bud.

I miss everything. My life, activities, people, even the radio station.

I pray every night so that my little family can love in Jakarta once more. Please Jesus, grant our wish.


The hardest move on

Packing all our stuff and sending it to our hometown. Not an easy decision to make but we have to.

As a mother, I lack of wise characteristic and I cause this situation to my family. Guess I’m still too childish to be a mother.

When I moved to Jakarta 4 years ago,I never thought that I will move back to my hometown. I have made Jakarta as my home. Until now that I have to move, deep in our hearts Jakarta is our home. Everytime I pray to Jesus, I wish that one day I could live in Jakarta once more. 

The very saddening thing I have to face is to move my son from a good school to an okay school in my hometown. If I knew I had to move back one day, I wouldn’t apply to a good school. It is a disappointment to myself.

Nonetheless, I cant keep blaming myself. I have to move on. Guess this is will be the hardest move on because somehow I reluctant to do so. 

In my opinion, life is a roller coasters ride. I still have faith with our life and wish.

Peeps, wish me luck in life okay…


I am not an ordinary woman


It is bloody annoying when people jump to conclusion over my life.

Some of my friends thought that If I were in a childless divorcee, I would be gone mad. They believed that I am strong because of my son. I admit that my son give me the strenght that I need and I have to be strong for him as well. However, I never consider how my divorce life will be without him and I dun want to assume anything as I am happy to have him.

I do have regret but I never regret having a son; thus, I never assume how my divorce life will be without a son and I can’t believe that others judge me by saying that If you didn’t have a son, you would be gone mad.

No matter how weak ppl see me, I know for sure that I am a strong woman. Whether the divorce is childless or not, I realize that I will live my life as happy and strong as I am today. No matter how those ppl know the story of my married life, they never be in my shoes. They never know what and how I feel about my married life. I am glad that I am brave enough to step out from my miserable married life. Thus, it doesnt matter if the divorce is childless or not, I will still live my life as happy and strong as I am today.

Peeps, please stop judging me. Some woman may feel very sorry for herself because she is a divorcee but I am not that woman. I never regret being a divorcee. If being a divorcee give me a better and happier life, why should I feel bitter about the title. Divorce is just a title. It is how you live your life that make ppl assume that divorce makes your life a miserable one. Others may feel sad about being a divorcee but I am NOT AN ORDINARY woman. I am happy that I have the capability to walk out from my miserable married life.

Divorce isnt such a tragedy. A tragedy is staying in an unhappy marriage. -unknown-.

Stop Judging me. My past is my past and I never look behind. I always look forward. I’m living in a blessed and happy life. Thus, please STOP Judging my life.



Had been dating a man for almost 2 years and last week, I decided to end everything. Blocked all his numbers and social media from my mobile. He wanted to meet to clear everything but I personally didnt want to meet him anymore. He tried many ways to meet but failed, until this morning. He waited for me at my usual car park and showed up after I parked my car. Fortunately, I haven’t stepped out from the car. I called my aunty so that she could company and help me out. I didn’t want to meet nor talk to him anymore. He emailed me at last. At first I didn’t want to reply but I reply eventually. I told him that I wanted to end the relationship and I asked him to stop finding a way to meet me. I want to have my happy life back.

His intention to be with me is evil. The love he showed are a lie. He is a hypocrite. I don’t want to be part of his evil life any longer.

I thank God that He has showed me the truth. The man that I defend from my family is actually an evil. How dumb I can be.

I wish he can find what he is looking for from other girls. Best of luck for him.

Sayonara. Thank you for the past 1.5years of our time together. I wish you luck, happy, and success.



Flashing back to romance life, I must admit that I have no luck in meeting a nice and good man. Wishing this year onwards, I could meet nice and good man.

Wish me luck People…